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Simple Gifts for Kids: Batteries Not Required

accolades consider giving instruments—truly simple gifts for kids! giving gifts hang back from the sales frenzy. imaginations let kids create their own magic. look for a longer shelf life. simple gifts for kids simple gifts for kids: batteries not required simple toys or props the best gifts are often not the most expensive top 5 tips for buying the perfect simple gifts for kids trust relevant experts. May 26, 2024
Simple Gifts for Kids: Batteries Not Required

Simple Gifts for Kids: Batteries Not Required

Is your head spinning in a whirlpool of holiday ads? Remember this: simple gifts for kids will keep on giving.

Between Black Friday deals, Cyber Monday savings, and all the other holiday sales, it’s hard to research before you buy. The one piece of research you can always count on? Simple toys are BEST for early childhood development.

Stay stress-free this season with our Top 5 Tips for Buying the Perfect Simple Gifts for Kids.


1. Look for a longer shelf life. 

So many digital devices promise entertainment, behavior tracking, and instant learning gratification. But for kids, what happens after they’ve “mastered” everything?  When it comes to children, try to avoid inevitable boredom by giving gifts that grow with them, feed on their imagination, and won’t go out of style.

2. Hang back from the sales frenzy. 

The best gifts are often NOT the most expensive! Tell yourself “it’s not now or never” and take away the pressure to seize all the savings. Grab that one big-ticket item you’ve been waiting on, but give yourself room to actually enjoy the magic of the season with your little ones. 

A hand drum is a great simple gift!

3. Trust relevant experts.

A national toy award for a baby gym might totally contradict a concerned review from a pediatric physical therapist. Accolades definitely count for a lot, but when it comes to early development, the extra research is worth it. 

That’s why when we talk about the importance of early shared music-making or why simple gifts for kids have longterm developmental benefits, we go to the experts and let them weigh in! 

4. Let kids create their own magic.

The truth is that when kids play, they really only need two things: their imaginations and a person to play with. Add some simple toys or props, and the possibilities are infinite. And we argue that adding music to the equation (the basis of a Kindermusik class) takes play to a whole different level.

The benefits playing instruments with your little one are endless.

5. Consider giving instruments—truly simple gifts for kids!

Not only are they a way to reduce screen time, but instruments can be played so many different ways that “boredom” really isn’t possible. All it takes is some 1:1 encouragement and play…and that’s really the best gift of all.

The emotional bonds created by making music together, combined with the cognitive and motor skills developed, reap benefits far beyond most other toys. And age-appropriate instrument exploration is important. That’s why we created 4 distinct Family Instrument Sets! Bonus: they’re all on sale right now in the shop.  

Kindermusik's Instrument Kits make the perfect simple gifts for kids!

This holiday season, leave the stress behind and give simple gifts that 100% keep on giving. 

If you need a place to start, browse our family instrument kits or consider joining us for Kindermusik classes in your area. 


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