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Book Review: Your Hand in My Hand

book review: your hand in my hand Jul 05, 2024
Book Review: Your Hand in My Hand

Book Review: Your Hand in My Hand

In this book review installment, we look at Your Hand in My Hand, a sweet story of togetherness through the seasons that celebrate the simple moments and experiences that bond a child and their special grown-up even more closely – those times when life can truly be enjoyed at its fullest.


But the story is also very much about the beautiful heart connection and unfaltering love between a child and their adult.  Even as seasons or circumstances may change, this book illustrates that loving bonds only strengthen and deepen even during those times of change.

This is one of those heart-warming books that you don’t mind reading over and over again.  The illustrations are adorable, full of color and texture, and the message of the story is so comforting and reassuring.  Written in a lovely, lilting readable poem, this book touches the heart and reminds us that it’s the little moments in life that are the most meaningful.

Inside Page - Why Waste A Moment

While some of the subtleties will be lost on very young children, the book still has a magical, lyrical quality about it that will certainly grow over time as a child gets older.  There’s a lovely sentimentality to the story that makes it timeless in its appeal.

The two characters in the story are a child mouse and an adult mouse, so matter who you are to your special little someone – mom, dad, aunt, or grandpa – this story will resonate with you both.  Because of that, and the sweet sentiment of the story line, we highly recommend this book for a gift, whether for a first grandchild, upon the arrival of a new sibling, or as a treasured bedtime story book.

Book Review

Your Hand in My Hand is published by Scholastic Press and is available at your favorite local bookseller or online in electronic, hardcover, and paperback editions.

Book Review

Reviewed by Theresa Case, who loves reading this story to the children in the award-winning Kindermusik program at Piano Central Studios in Greenville, South Carolina.

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