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5 Simple, Easy Ways to Enjoy Musical Fun Indoors

5 simple and easy ways to enjoy musical fun indoors Jul 04, 2024
5 Simple, Easy Ways to Enjoy Musical Fun Indoors

5 Simple, Easy Ways to Enjoy Musical Fun Indoors

One of the great things about musical activities is that they make really great indoor activities.  When it’s too hot or too cold to be outside, you can make musical fun indoors with a little creativity, a little inspiration, and these five simple ideas.


Fun Indoors 2

#1 – Band in a Basket

Chase away the boredom blues when you pull out your Band in a Basket!  All you need is a basket or container that you fill with some simple, age-appropriate instruments like those on the Kindermusik website, and then you can enjoy some musical fun indoors!

  • Each person picks their favorite instrument.  Turn on your favorite music and have a fabulous and fun family play-along.  And don’t forget to switch instruments every time a new song comes on!
  • Play sound detective.  Secretly hide an instrument in a simple paper bag.  Shake the bag, and give everyone a chance to guess the sound.  Then pull the instrument out and take some time to explore all of the different ways to make a sound with that instrument.
  • Choose an instrument and form a parade.  (We recommend some bright and happy marching music in the background!)  March all around the house, changing the leader of the parade every time you go into a different room.

#2 – Fabric Dancing

All you need is some recorded music and some different colors of scarves or strips of fabric – really anything shiny or silky will do.  And then try one of these fabric dancing games:

  • Use your scarves or fabric to bounce, twirl, swish, and wave to the rhythm of the music.  A little musical variety makes this really fun if you are dancing to music of different tempi and different moods.
  • Play a game of peek-a-boo.  This one never gets old!  (And don’t forget to have your camera handy to record some of those adorable belly laughs!)
  • A larger scarf or piece of fabric can become like a miniature parachute.  Each of you hold one side, and then raise or lower the “parachute” in time with the music.

Fun Indoors

#3 – Musical Chairs

This is a bit of a twist on this childhood game, but still a classic way to have fun indoors.  Have enough chairs for each person playing the game.  Move around the room until the music stops, then see who gets back to their original seat first!  Again here, varying the musical style makes this game last longer and encourages more musical listening and response.

#4 – Laundry Basket Hayride

All you need is a sturdy laundry basket and a rope or long scarf to loop through as a handle.  Set your child inside and have fun zig-zagging and riding all around the house in your “wagon.”  Simple, but fun… and maybe even a little reward once the laundry is all done and put away!

#5 – Build a Fort

Nothing is more fun or more magical than building a simple fort.  Use boxes, blankets, chairs, pillows, and couch cushions to create an amazing play space sure to entertain your child for hours.  And don’t forget to climb inside with them so you can cuddle up and read or sing together!

Here at Kindermusik, we believe that music, creativity, and play are the building blocks of childhood – body, heart, and mind.  These moments are especially meaningful it’s that special adult in the child’s life who is taking the time to just be together, playing and making music and memories that are sure to fill your child’s heart to overflowing… and make being indoors something to look forward to!

Shared by Theresa Case who loves inspiring musical play for children and families anywhere, but especially in the award-winning Kindermusik program at Piano Central Studios.

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